We Dare You To Take This Road Trip To Ohio’s Most Abandoned Places

Exploring the creepy and long-forgotten parts of Ohio can be fun—if you like that sort of thing, anyway. From deserted amusement parks to old factories being reclaimed by nature, Ohio certainly has an interesting mix of abandoned places. The following road trip takes you to nine of those places, with a total drive time of just under 9 and a half hours.

(Please note: Trespassing may be prohibited in some of these areas, so proceed at your own risk, observe from afar and always use caution.)

Grab a friend or two, start at the abandoned destination nearest you and work your way to the others. To view the Google Map of the trip (complete with exact locations and addresses of the destinations) in a separate tab or window, click here.

What do you think? Are you up for this road trip?

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