What’s Left Of This Abandoned Amusement Park In Ohio Is Downright Creepy

Tucked away in Medina County there’s a rusted, long forgotten ferris wheel.

What what was once Chippewa Lake Park is now just a few piles of amusement park ruins and the lone ferris wheel. From 1878 to 1978, the amusement park was a popular, thriving destination for family entrainment.  Today, what remains continues to attract Ohio explorers near and far.

If you think this abandoned amusement park would have been the perfect location for a horror film, you’re exactly right. In 2008, a cast and crew from Los Angeles filmed “Closed for the Season.”  The video below features more detail about the film, as well as “then and now” pictures and video footage of the park.

Today, the nearby Medina County Historical Society houses the former amusement park’s welcome sign, and although the Big Dipper is no longer standing, various remnants of the park’s rides still remain. Check out the video below to see what OhioTravelerDOTcom knows about Ohio’s long forgotten amusement park.

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