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The Underrated Wine Region In New Jersey You’ll Want To Visit Again And Again

New Jersey has wonderful wineries scattered throughout the state but one particular region is home to a wide range of wineries, including some of the Garden State’s best. Though you may be surprised that an area often referred to as the “Pine Barrens” produces an abundance of sweet, fresh grapes, the word “barren” is quite a misnomer.

Were you surprised to learn that the Garden State was such a major producer of wine? For more vineyards and wineries in New Jersey, check out this list. If you live in North or Central Jersey, you might also want to check out this local wine trail.

Kristen Koennemann
Kristen is a freelance writer, editor and social-media manager who really loves her state. She's here to share all that New Jersey has to offer with residents and the rest of the world.