Here Are The 10 Most Popular Baby Names In New Jersey

Most parents put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect name for their child. They want something meaningful, yet modern. Naming trends have changed so significantly over the decades, and it is interesting to see which names have stood the test of time. Pop culture plays a big role, and of course there are some common names now that would seem strange a century ago. It is also interesting to see how name trends vary from state to state. The following names are the top 10 in New Jersey for each gender, with a birth year of 2014, according to the Social Security Administration.

For comparison’s sake, William was the top boy’s name name in Alabama for 2014, and wasn’t even in the top 20 for New Jersey. In 1960, John and Donna were the top names in our state. Is your favorite name on this list? If not, share it in the comments below!