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This Roadside Attraction In New Jersey Is The Most Unique Thing You’ve Ever Seen

New Jersey is home to numerous unique attractions but one stands out above the rest. Margate’s own Lucy the Elephant is America’s oldest surviving roadside attraction and draws in over 100,000 visitors annually. This massive mammoth has a unique history and makes for a perfect day trip destination.

For more, watch this short video uploaded by Welcome To The Last Exit. You’ll learn some VERY interesting information. For example, Lucy is actually a boy.

Do you love Lucy? I certainly do! But, she’s not New Jersey’s only interesting roadside attraction. Check out this list and discover several others.

Kristen Koennemann
Kristen is a freelance writer, editor and social-media manager who really loves her state. She's here to share all that New Jersey has to offer with residents and the rest of the world.