Wyoming’s small communities and towns demonstrate one instance when smaller is better. When it comes to rural towns in Wyoming, these places truly define the culture, history, and character of the Cowboy State. Instead of bustling cities and suburbs, Wyoming’s rural communities embody the true spirit of the west. These small rural towns in Wyoming offer an abundance of historical activities and provide a recreational playground for both residents and visitors — and they’re downright delightful destinations!

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What are the best rural towns in Wyoming?

Most towns in Wyoming are rural! Of all of the state's small towns and tiny cities, some really stand out. Lander is full of modern charm in the mountains, while Pinedale seems like it's straight out of the Wild West. Wyoming still has its share of ghost towns, too, like Atlantic City and South Pass City. Both are rural towns that have been mostly abandoned for years, but they're finding their place in the Cowboy State. South Pass City boasts a state historic site and replica mining town - with tours of the historic mine. Atlantic City is going through a renaissance as a Continental Divide trail town, with hungry hikers enjoying a bit of history and hospitality at the Miners Grubstake Saloon.

What are the perks of living in rural Wyoming?

The biggest perk to living in rural Wyoming is the sense of community. When you live miles from the nearest grocery store - or even miles from your nearest neighbor - you get to know everyone around you, and all of the happenings. People are quick to lend a hand, and you get to enjoy a quiet, slow-paced life.

Are there any historic small towns in Wyoming?

Though Wyoming is a relatively young state, there are dozens of historic small towns. Buffalo and Sheridan blend history and culture, and towns like Cody lean on their past as old-time vacation destinations. In Kemmerer, you'll find a different kind of history - prehistory! Fossil Butte and the Green River formation fossils take you way back in time. Kemmerer is also known for a bit of modern history, being the birthplace of the first JC Penney.