Most of Wyoming’s geologic wonders are very apparent but there are some fascinating features that aren’t as obvious. The less obvious ones are hidden underground and these underground gems are caves. There are an ample number of caves in Wyoming to explore; most of them are available to the public. Cavers or non-cavers can enjoy exploring through the deep abscesses of the underground.

Here is a fascinating video of Horsethief Cave by YouTube user Emily Marcus:

Horsethief Cave is located in the Bighorn Mountains in the northern portion of Wyoming. The cave has around 8 miles of passages, and it requires advanced caving skills. Horsethief Cave is considered to be one of the prettiest in the state due to the presence of speleothems, which are very unique shaped formations. The cave is an extension of Montana’s Bighorn Cave. The exploration begins with an army crawl, then a 12-foot drop down Gypsum Wall where you can head to the Mind Bender Pools. You do need a permit and a key to explore the cave.

Check out this Tongue River Cave video by YouTube user Ted Menendez.

Tongue River Cave is one of the more popular caves in Wyoming to explore due to the fact that it is easily accessed and is a great cave for all skill levels. This cave is located in the Bighorn National Forest west of Dayton. The entrance is a gated hole about 5 feet in diameter. The entrance leads to a small room with a pit. From there, cavers can go to Room Number One and then on to the Camp Room. Other rooms include the Sled Room and the Boulder Room. There is also a waterfall and a siphon located near the end of the cave.

Be sure to watch this educational video of the Natural Trap Cave by YouTube user Australian Centre for Ancient DNA.

The Natural Trap Cave is located at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. The cave is 80 feet deep with a 15 feet wide entrance. The entrance is not noticeable until you are right on top of it. To enter this Wyoming cave, cavers have to rappel down to the floor of the cave. Many prehistoric animals have fallen into the cave throughout the years so there are many fossils that have been discovered here. There are crawlways that lead to smaller rooms and another large room. This cave requires a permit and keys from the Bureau of Land Management. There may be limited access to the public with the scientific research taking place within this cave.

Here’s a video of Sinks Canyon Cave by YouTube user leftyaxegrinder.

Sinks Canyon Cave is one of Wyoming’s best-known caves. The cave is located at Sinks Canyon State Park in Lander. The Popo Agie River goes into the cave and rises 1,000 meters downstream. “The Sinks” or cavern is made up of limestone.

Here’s an interesting video of Spirit Mountain Cave by YouTube user Dallas Reid.

Spirit Mountain Cave is actually located on Spirit Mountain, which is just west of Cody. This is another cave that requires a permit and keys from the Bureau of Land Management. The cave was first discovered by Ned Frost in 1908 and named Frost Cave, then Shoshone Caverns, and finally renamed Spirit Mountain Cave. Buffalo Bill often posed with tourists at the entrance of the cave. This beginner cave also consists of some very interesting speleothems.

Have you explored any of these caves in Wyoming? Do you know of any other caves worth exploring? Let us know in the comments!

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