In this day and age when everybody has pretty much seen and heard it all, it’s impressive when something as basic and natural as the Wyoming wilderness can retain its secrets — especially when the things that it’s hiding are enormous. Take the case of Horsethief Caves in Wyoming in the Bighorn Mountains. You would never know that it’s there unless you’re looking for it and know where to find it. Yet, it’s a massive cave so immense that it extends into two states and is actually part of the largest cave system in Wyoming and Montana.

Have you been to the Horsethief Cave Wyoming before? What other Wyoming caves do you enjoy exploring? Don’t forget to bring the proper hiking gear. If you’re looking for great equipment, we encourage you to check out REI. They offer a wide selection of the best hiking gear.

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Horsetheif Cave Wyoming

What else is there to do near Horsethief Cave in Wyoming? 

Horsethief Cave is in a very special part of the state. It's right near Bighorn Canyon and the town of Lovell. Both of them are great places to visit. Bighorn Canyon Recreation Area is managed by the National Parks Service and has incredible scenery and great opportunities for boating and hiking. Lovell is a small town that is very welcoming and has fine folks and great dining and accommodations options. This is a great part of the Cowboy State to visit!

What other caves in Wyoming can I visit and explore?

Anytime you visit and explore caves, it's crucial that you are prepared and that you know what you are doing. Caving can be very dangerous if you are inexperienced. If you need help, hire a guide. With that said, there are lots of caves in Wyoming to explore. Here's a great post that will tell you about five of them: Going Into These 5 Caves In Wyoming Is Like Entering Another World

Most caves are underground but you might enjoy this above-ground cave in Wyoming as well: Hiking To This Aboveground Cave In Wyoming Will Give You A Surreal Experience

What are some fun and recreational experiences I should try in Wyoming that don't involve crawling around in the dark?

Ahhh, if you aren't into caving, there are so many other great things that you can do in the state of Wyoming. You can visit national parks and state parks and go on scenic drives. You can hike, bike, fish, swim, and horseback ride. In the winter you can ski and snowshoe. Any time of year is great to meet new people and enjoy the excellent food and hospitality that everyone knows you can expect and receive in Wyoming. Wyoming is a special place and it can't wait to welcome you!

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