This 90-Minute Wisconsin Sleigh Ride Takes You Through A Winter Wonderland

There’s something about the Christmas season that makes us want to travel back to simpler times. Nostalgia hangs heavy and we find enjoyment in the kind of entertainment that people loved a hundred years ago or more. Spending time with loved ones, finding ways to relax, and slowing things down a bit are some of the best parts of the holiday season. One of the most gorgeous ways to do that is to head out for a sleigh ride. There’s just something magical about heading out into pristine areas undisturbed by cars. Way up north in Birchwood, about 75 miles north of Eau Claire, you’ll find one of the best sleigh rides you could ever imagine. Far from the simple rides in towns over the holidays, this sleigh ride lasts 90 minutes and heads out into the gorgeous Northwoods area surrounding the small town. This isn’t a novelty ride, but a long and fabulous way to experience this wonderful holiday tradition.

On Twin Lakes is located at 2522 28th Ave., Birchwood, WI 54817. Learn more about these amazing sleigh rides at On Twin Lakes website. Or find more gorgeous pictures on their Facebook page.

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