Get Away From It All At This Crystal Clear Lake In Wisconsin

It’s no surprise to anyone that lives here that Wisconsin has a lot of lakes — more than 15,00 of them, in fact. Our state is approximately 17 percent water and that’s not even counting those two rather large lakes that make up quite a bit of our border. Once you head up north, it feels like you can’t go more than a mile or two before running into a new lake. Everyone has their favorite, but if you’re looking to discover a new, beautiful Wisconsin lake, you need to head to Douglas County. There are at least three lakes in Wisconsin named Whitefish Lake — but the one up here near Gorden is also called Bardon Lake. And this beauty of a natural wonder is one of the clearest you’ll find anywhere.

Whitefish Lake is located in Wascott, in Douglas County, about 15 miles north of Minong. Find out more about one of the clearest lakes in Wisconsin from the state Department of Natural Resources.

Public Boat Access Address: 15642 S Whitefish Lake Road, Gordon, WI, 54838.

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