The Top Secret Beach In Wisconsin That Will Make Your Summer Complete

If you zoom way in on the map of Superior, Wisconsin and check out just south of the city, there are two narrow strips of land that jut out into Lake Superior. One of them is in Minnesota and one is in Wisconsin. There’s a small break between the two known as the Superior Entry Channel. To the southeast is an area known as Wisconsin Point.

This may be the longest freshwater beach you’ll find and honestly, folks who know about this beach are going to be mad I’m telling you about it. But what makes this beach so great is its wild, unspoiled nature. The water is crystal clear and the beaches are pristine. Only go here if you intend to leave it as immaculate as you found it.

Located off Highway 53 on Moccasin Mike Road at the southeastern edge of the City of Superior.

Have you ever spend time on Wisconsin Point? Tell us about it in the comments. Have other suggestions for great beaches that aren’t so well-known? We want to hear about those, too!

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