Your Kids Will Love This Easy 2-Mile Waterfall Hike Right Here In Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin is truly chock full of magical waterfalls that you and your family would just love exploring. But one of the very best hikes in all of the state is in Copper Falls State Park. Located in Mellen, just about 25 miles south of Ashland, this gorgeous 3,000 acre state park is home to the Bad River as well as Copper Falls, Brownstone Falls and the Tyler Cascades. There’s a 1.7 mile hike called the Doughboys Nature Trail that lets you see all of them as well as the ancient lava that forms much of the landscape here.

Address: 36664 Copper Falls Road, Mellen, WI 54546. A one-day admission fee or state parks sticker is required for admission. Check out the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources page for Copper Falls State Park to get all the information you need for a visit.

If you’ve got little ones not yet quite ready for major hiking, check out Cascade Falls, which is located right in the middle of Osceola, no hiking required!