11 Underrated Spring Festivals That Everyone In Wisconsin Should Attend At Least Once

We here in Wisconsin love a festival. Milwaukee is known as the City of Festivals, but it’s not the only place to find people having a great time celebrating everything from trolls to fish. If there’s something fun or unique about a place, you can bet we’ve made a festival out of it. Summertime seems to be when a lot of these fests take place, as we like to revel in the few nice months we have, but there are plenty of celebrations happening during the spring that you’re going to want to check out. Celebrating the thaw and our emergence from a long cold winter, these parties take place across the state and invite you to get out of the house, shake some of the rust off and have a blast. Here are 11 festivals that may not be the most well known, but are definitely still a great time.

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