When it comes to having a beautiful natural experience in the heart of the Badger State, many folks tend to find that there’s nothing quite like a hike – but combine that with a visit to some amazing waterfalls in Wisconsin, and you’ve really got something! The state is known for its natural beauty, its stunning water features, and expansive meadows, but Wisconsin waterfalls tend to be next-level. This is our take on some of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin, and we think you should plan a Wisconsin waterfalls trip for yourself. Check out our Ultimate Road Trip Packing List to help plan your adventure.

1. Stephens Falls, Dodgeville

Go on a gorgeous drive through Governor Dodge State Park to get very close to the waterfall. The trail to see the waterfall is less than a half-mile, and you’ll be rewarded with a view of one of the most easily accessible waterfalls in Wisconsin.

2. Granite Quarry Waterfalls, Montello

At Granite Quarry, four waterfalls spill over granite outcroppings. You can park right in an adjoining lot and just stand in front of the falls to take in the entire panorama.

3. Siskiwit Falls, Cornucopia

The Bayfield area is full of many popular natural wonders, and you likely are aware of most of them, like sea caves and the Apostle Islands. But these falls are pretty awesome, too. At Sikwit Falls, on the Bayfield Peninsula, you can see a 20-foot drop after a pretty short hike – which is a great reward after a day of hiking in Wisconsin.

4. Upson Falls, Upson

Iron County has loads of waterfalls, some of which can be as tall as 90 feet. Upson Falls is super easy to get to, making it among the most accessible. In fact, you can even camp right here overnight.

5. Dave’s Falls, Amberg

This gorgeous waterfall is easy to get to right from the parking lot. If the water looks awesome, you can even wade into the Pike River.

6. Cascade Falls, Osceola

How far you walk determines what you can see. You can see the top of the falls from above. But if you’re willing to walk down some steps, you can see these falls in all their glory from below.

Have you been to any of the best waterfalls in Wisconsin? If you want to explore more gorgeous areas in our state, check out the ultimate Wisconsin nature bucket list.

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Waterfalls In Wisconsin & Related Info

What are the most beautiful hikes in Wisconsin?

There are many beautiful hikes in Wisconsin, but one of the most popular things to do in the state is to explore nature by hiking:

  • Folks rave about The Devil’s Lake Loop, considered one of the best hiking trails in Wisconsin as a whole, with ravishing views and waterfront experiences.
  • The hike to Copper Falls on the North Country National Scenic Trail is also great, especially at only 1.7 miles.
  • Kick-off the summer on Bayview Trail near Madeline Island, which makes for a fun experience for hikers looking to take the ferry and experience a hike in the middle of the lake. It’s unlike any other!


What are the best waterfall hikes in Wisconsin?

You'll find many beautiful waterfall hikes in Wisconsin, and some of the best include:

  • Cascade and Geiger Falls in Osceola
  • Dave’s Falls in Amberg
  • Lost Creek Falls in Cornucopia
  • Granit Quarry Waterfalls in Montello.


They’re the perfect easy-access waterfall hikes in Wisconsin, a great blend of easy hiking and spectacular views. They’re family and picnic-friendly, as well! Just make sure you pick up after yourself and leave the spaces as beautiful as they were when you came.

What are the best outdoor adventures in Wisconsin?

In order to experience all the outdoor adventures in Wisconsin, you’ll need to get outside and explore:

  • Camp on a cliffside in southwestern Wisconsin
  • Perhaps head to Marinette County to experience the state’s waterfalls
  • We’d recommend cycling the Elroy-Sparta State Trail
  • The beaches on Lake Michigan are surely better than any you’ve ever experienced Lakeside
  • Devil’s Lake State Park remains one of the most popular destinations for outdoorsy folk in the state
  • We’d highly recommend kayaking on the northern edge of the state. The views are fantastic!

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