We Just Planned Your 2019 Year Of Wisconsin Hikes And You’ll Love Them All

As we head into the near year lots of folks like to make resolutions. One great one to have is to visit a new place or get out and hike once a month in 2019. We’re going to make that resolution super easy to keep as we’ve lined up 12 different hikes that take you all over Wisconsin to discover some of the very best trails in all different seasons. None of these hikes are too long or strenuous, though they’re almost all in spots with multiple trails, so you can add to your hikes as fits your ability level. You’ll see all kinds of gorgeous views of the Wisconsin countryside if you follow this handy guide and set out for at least one hike per month in 2019. Happy hiking!

These are just some suggestions for great places to hike in the new year. We’d love to hear what other trails you love – tell us in the comments what spots should be on our to-hike list in 2019!

If we wanted to, we could have make a list of just waterfall hikes. We gave you a bunch of diversity, but if checking out all the great waterfalls in Wisconsin is on your to-do list, check out this awesome compilation and start planning!