This Video Shows You Just How Amazing These Wisconsin Sea Caves Are

Sea caves are caves that are, you guessed it, under water. There are a few sea caves in Wisconsin. But one of the best examples of sea caves is at the Apostle Islands. The Apostle Islands are a series of islands off of Bayfield, WI. And there are sea caves. But how do you access them? Well, you can only really get to them by boat. But you might not have known that you can get them by kayak. In fact, you can actually kayak THROUGH the caves. There are tours that you can go on, or you can go solo. Either way, you will not believe just how incredible these structures are. Here are some wonderful pictures of the islands. And below, we found an amazing video of just how incredible it is to kayak through the caves. Sure, the video does a great job capturing it, but there’s nothing like kayaking it yourself to see just how stunning these caves are.

This amazing video shows you what it’s like to kayak through the Apostle Islands sea caves.

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