Most People Don’t Know These 10 Treasures Are Hiding In Washington

From hidden waterfalls to secluded parks you never knew existed, Washington has gems all over the place to discover. Out of the countless remote places you can find in our state, here are 10 of the many hidden treasures in Washington that you’ll be glad you came across:

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

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Hidden Treasures In Washington

August 27, 2021

Where can I find more secret castles in Washington?

If you’re in the mood to search for castles around the state, start your adventure with our Road Trip To Washington’s Most Majestic Castles. This helpful guide will lead you to some of the most fairytale-like castles such as Alexander Castle in Port Townsend, Stadium High School in Tacoma, and Thornewood Castle in Lakewood.

What are the best hidden gems in Washington?

Another road trip you may consider taking is our Ultimate Washington Hidden Gem Road Trip where you’ll discover places like the Joyce General Store, Hoko Falls, and the Ozette Indian Village Archaeological Site. 

What waterfall hikes can I take in Washington?

If you’ve ever wanted to walk behind a waterfall, you can have your chance by hiking to Little Mashel Falls near Eatonville. Along the way, you’ll see plenty of ponds and other waterfalls, but it’s Little Mashel Falls that’s the main attraction along this 5-mile hike. For a shorter hike, head to Randle to find the Angel Falls Loop, a trail that’s just under three miles and leads to the spectacular 175-foot Angel Falls.