7 Of The Most Beautiful Fall Destinations In Washington

It’s always nice when we can give summer a proper goodbye here in Washington. Few states are as beautiful as Washington is, and especially in the fall. We’ve still got a beautiful, colorful Washington autumn ahead of us, and there are plenty of places in our beautiful state that shine their brightest in autumn. If you’re looking for a little escape before winter, here are some of the best places to visit in Washington state in the fall!

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Best Places To Visit In Washington In The Fall

August 30, 2022

What are some of the best places to visit in Washington in October?  

Washington in the fall is a truly amazing time. You cannot beat the intense, vibrant color that seems to light up every nook and cranny of this beautiful place, and of course, we have our list of favorite places for fall color in Washington. Visit any of our amazing state parks and/or National Parks, like Mt. Rainier National Park, for an autumn experience you’ll never forget. Other amazing autumn destinations in Washington include the Olympic Peninsula, where you’ll spot bright color peeking through in between the fluffy branches of evergreen pines. Other excellent places to go in Washington during the fall include Leavenworth and even the Hoh Rainforest!  

What is fall in Washington state like? 

Fall in Washington is a wonderful time of year, and not even just for the colors (though that is a big reason). Early fall is typically dry and sunny, which is delightful considering just how rainy our state can be in the summer. In fact, the average rainfall in Washington state during September is just two inches! Temperatures tend to steadily drop from the 60s and 70s to the 50s, and oftentimes a nice, light sweater is perfect for an outdoor stroll. The color all over the state is vibrant and intense, and fall is a wonderful time to embark on a scenic Washington state road trip or two. Oh, and you can’t miss the fall festivals – never miss the fall festivals! Of course, come November, you ought to expect some snow flurries. Can’t be perfect outside forever!  

What is there to do in Washington state in October?  

There are so many ways to enjoy Washington in the fall! As we mentioned above, there are always our amazing state parks; what better time to go camping than now? Even better, find yourself a delightful location for glamping in the fall in Washington and do that – you'll never want to camp any other way. There are all sorts of fun fall festivals in Washington, as well some wonderful corn mazes in Washington to explore as well. Autumn in Washington is an amazing time – we think you’ll love it.