This Road Trip Will Show You Washington’s Spectacular Coast Like Never Before

There’s truly not an ugly part of Washington, but our coast is especially stunning. From our charming beach towns to our otherworldly Olympic Peninsula, the northwest part of our state looks like something out of a movie. If it’s been awhile since you’ve explored the area, add this road trip to your list this year.

You’ll start by covering a portion of the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, which follows US-101 along Hood Canal to the Olympic Peninsula. Then you’ll cruise down the coast and explore beautiful rocky beaches and picturesque little towns until you reach our sandy beaches. And if you don’t mind a possible breeze or a crisp chill in the air, you can take this trip in any season.

Take some time to explore the Washington coast this year. And while you’re at it, check out these underrated beach towns in our beautiful state.