The Charming Town Of Winthrop, Washington Is Picture-Perfect For A Weekend Getaway

If you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest and in the mood to step back in time for a quick weekend getaway, then the authentic western town of Winthrop, Washington might be the destination for you.  In addition to the wonderful and eclectic shopping that’s available, the town is replete with antique boardwalks, great places to eat, excellent overnight accommodations (from the truly affordable to the luxurious), and – perhaps best of all – incredible outdoor recreation opportunities, thanks to its proximity to the Okanogan National Forest.  So, take a trip back with us to the 1850s and enjoy all that Winthrop has to offer.

How’s that for outdoor adventures?  Winthrop, Washington clearly has something for everyone: restaurants, shopping, and of course all the outdoor pursuits one could wish for.  This charming vacation destination should be on everyone’s to-do list of places to see in the state of Washington.  The town has a population of fewer than 500, and is geared for tourism and hospitality.  So, come check out the best Western-themed town you’ve been missing.

Address: Winthrop, WA 98862, USA