The historic Welden Theatre in Vermont stands tall and proud in the heart of downtown St. Albans. It’s the place to go to catch a movie with friends or family, and not just because it’s the only theater in the area. It’s simply a great place to go! With their bottomless buckets of popcorn and new releases, fans have flocked to the Welden Theater and it appears that one movie-goer has never left. Let’s take a look at this haunted theater in Vermont… If you dare!

We know you’ll love a trip to this haunted theater in Vermont.


At Only In Vermont we just love Vermont ghost stories. Lucky for us, we have plenty of haunted places in Vermont. From covered bridges like this one which has a story about the ghost of a jilted lover, to this restaurant that has a simply chilling past, we certainly have our places to choose from that will leave our minds wondering if ghosts are real. For an action packed thrill, why not take this terrifying road trip that will haunt your dreams.

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What are the most creepy and eerie towns in Vermont?

Vermont is home to several strange and creepy towns! The two small towns of Lewiston and Somerset in Vermont both boast an eerie history of ghosts and horror. And perhaps the most famous town in Vermont for harboring ghouls and spirits is Stowe. According to local legend, several ghost stories have been known to wander through this resort town in the Green Mountains. If you are looking for more scary and abandoned places in Vermont, take a look at this article HERE of 17 scary places that will haunt your dreams. Happy haunted adventures! 

Can I visit any abandoned places in Vermont?

Yes you can indeed, but it depends on the area and abandoned attraction you wish to visit. You can access some abandoned places in Vermont, but, for other places, it will not be safe for entering. But do worry, you can still explore the outside and/or the neighboring area. Check out this article HERE where you can learn about a scary road trip that will lead you to some pretty creepy and spooky abandoned places in Vermont. before visiting abandoned places, make sure you are being safe and responsible. Happy haunted exploring!

 What are the scariest haunted attractions in Vermont?

Emily’s bridge, a covered bridge that is reportedly haunted by a girl named Emily, is a place that continually haunts Vermonters, according to legend. The story goes that Emily died a gruesome death on the bridge and now her spirit presides over the bridge and haunts passersby. Another haunted attraction in Vermont is the Eddy House in Chittenden. The house and the family have a long history of eerie and terrifying behavior, full of ghosts and haunting room. Cross at your own risk!

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