The History Behind This Remote Hotel In Vermont Is Both Eerie And Fascinating

While driving along Route 30 in Sudbury, you can’t help but notice the Hyde Manor. While it’s impressive in size, this once bustling hotel is now abandoned and left for nature to reclaim. Many have wondered about the history of this eerie and fascinating haunted hotel in Vermont, and we have some pictures and stories to share. As the buildings are unsafe to explore firsthand (and in many cases, gone), let’s take look at some old pictures of this once-grand establishment.

If this eerie and fascinating abandoned hotel in Vermont intrigues you, check out this other roadside home that will certainly leave you wondering. Note, this house is not abandoned and is on private property. Admire from afar and remember to respect our neighbors!

Address: Hyde Manor, Sudbury, VT 05733, USA
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Haunted Hotel in Vermont

October 30, 2021

What are some haunted places in Vermont?

Everyone seems to love Vermont for its exquisite beauty (okay, guilty), but it should be noted that Vermont is probably just as haunted as it is beautiful. There are dozens of locations scattered throughout the state that are said to be haunted; there are so many that we can’t list them all here. However, some of our picks for the scariest haunted places in Vermont include the Vermont Police Academy, which has decades of scary stories that have come from it, Glastonbury Mountain in the town of the same name, which is a place Native Americans may or may not have considered to be cursed, and the Opera House in Enosberg, which is a creepy place that just gives off the weirdest vibes. We also have our fair share of haunted inns, hotels, motels, libraries, and, of course, graveyards; being one of the oldest states mean we have some of the coolest ghost stories, if you ask us. Read about more of our favorites in this article.

Are there any old ghost stories about Vermont?

Of course! Being as old as it is, Vermont is host to a plethora of creepy ghost stories, legends, and myths – so many that we can’t list them all in this short paragraph. Some of our favorite ghost stories in the state include that of the horrifying Bennington Triangle, which refers to a time period of five years during which numerous people came to the area and disappeared without a trace. The most baffling of the cases is probably the first, in which a man escorting a hunting party disappeared from view and was bizarrely never seen or heard from again. A single bullet from his gun was recovered in a nearby river, but never him. We also have some delightful ghost stories involving some of our beautiful (and creepy) old covered bridges, like Emily’s Bridge in Stowe.

Address: Hyde Manor, Sudbury, VT 05733, USA