The Burgers And Shakes From This Middle-Of-Nowhere Texas Drive-In Are Worth The Trip

Drive-in restaurants are becoming a thing of the past, so it’s important to treat the few left standing as the historical relics they are. One such place right here in Texas is Holly’s Drive-In, tucked away in the charming small town of Post. Some of the best burgers, shakes, and other down-home fare can be found at this unassuming roadside stop, and each bite will take you further into a state of bliss.

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Have you ever eaten at Holly’s Drive-In? If so, what did you order and how was it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and check out our previous article for more drive-in restaurants that are a blast from the past in the most delicious way.

Address: 615 S Broadway St, Post, TX 79356, USA