These 9 Haunted Hikes In Texas Will Send You Running For The Hills

Most of us love being scared, even just a little. We love the adrenaline rush, the exhilaration of reading a scary story and feeling our hair stand on end as we frantically pull the covers over our head and listen to every minuscule sound around us. But that’s still operating in the realm of safety. There’s no REAL danger behind stories.

There is, however, danger behind visiting places with violent histories…places where restless spirits lurk, waiting for innocent victims to enter their territory so they can take out their anger on all those who wronged them while they were still alive. There are plenty such places in Texas, and we’ve come up with a list of nine of the most sinister (inspired by these haunted hikes found by Backpackerverse). Are you brave enough to pay them a visit?

Have you hiked at any of these places?