Sometimes when the week gets rough, all you want to do is just be in the car with a fabulous playlist of tunes and a long open road in front of you. Many back roads in the Volunteer State rank among the very best scenic drives in Tennessee, as they treat drivers to views that are downright remarkable. We found eleven places around the state of Tennessee — yes, even on the west side — that are great for driving during the twilight hour, in the afternoon, or even during those light, bright early mornings. So next time you are in search of “Scenic drives near me” remember this list to help you hit the road. Before you go make sure you check out our road trip packing list so you don’t forget anything in a mad rush out the door eager to see these incredible places. How many have you checked off your list…?

There is so much to love about the very best scenic drives in Tennessee. Have you taken any of these pretty routes? Which is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Can’t get enough of Tennessee road trips? We don’t blame you one bit! Continue your driving fun around the state with this mouthwatering ice cream trail in Tennessee.

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Scenic Drives In Tennessee

What are the best roadside attractions in Tennessee?

Some of the best roadside attractions in Tennessee can be found in Pigeon Forge which is the craziest town in the state but you can also find:

  • A pink elephant
  • fortune telling Elvis
  • Dolly Parton statue


All of these and more can be found in our roadside attractions in Tennessee article.

Tennessee is nicknamed The Volunteer State because, according to legend, volunteer soldiers from Tennessee contributed heavily to historic victories. Some accounts point to the War of 1812 as the source of this nickname, and others to the Mexican–American War. Regardless of its origin, you’ll want to follow our people’s example and volunteer to drive on your next road trip. Why? Well, you’ll be treated to remarkable views of the finest roadside attractions in Tennessee. We have a few sites worth bragging about, including a replica of the Titanic, the resting place of Jack Daniels, and an airplane-shaped gas station.

Are there any other scenic backroads to drive along in Tennessee?

Here are a few more scenic drives in Tennessee:


There are all sorts of country roads crisscrossing The Volunteer State. The very best scenic backroads in Tennessee may be largely a matter of personal opinion, but many consider the Cherohala Skyway to be the most scenic drive, hands down. This drive along Highway 143 is full of majesty, including wildflowers, rolling mountains, and water features.

What are some good Tennessee activities to do?

Here are a few Tennessee Activities to do:


There sure are! Time spent outdoors in this pretty state is endlessly rewarding. Some of the best things to do in Tennessee include hiking to waterfalls, scuba diving, and exploring caves and caverns. There’s so much to love about the great outdoors here in Tennessee!