The Tail Of The Dragon Is A Back Road You Didn’t Know Existed But Is Perfect For A Scenic Drive In Tennessee

When most folks think about daredevil driving or high-speed roadways, they’re probably not immediately calling to mind a backroad through the Tennessee mountains. That’s where they’re wrong. The Tail of the Dragon is known around the world for its mind-bending turns and allowance for high speed. It may be a sleeper hit, but we have a feeling one drive down this 11-mile roadway is going to make it in your family history books forever. Learn more about it below, and maybe plan a trip out to East Tennessee. A true adventure awaits!

Although we won’t be directing you to social media, you can learn more about the Tail of the Dragon with a visit to its official website. You can even buy a photo of you driving the road from one of the freelance photographers that set up along the way. What a treat!

It’s a pretty incredible drive, that Tail of the Dragon, but have you ever explored beneath the surface of Tennessee

Address: Deals Gap, Forneys Creek, NC 37885, USA