One Of The Most Intense Haunted Houses In The World Is Right Here In Nashville

The American haunted house has become a legend to many, a horror show to some. Flocks of folks book tours at the Bell Witch Cave in Adams, others make their way to private horror shows set up on property in just outside of suburbia. Whether you’re paying in cash or canned food for a local charity, there’s just something about the month of October and an eerie experience that leaves you all sorts of shaky. Have you heard of McKamey Manor…?

You can see a bit more into the operations of the haunted house in the video below. However: viewer discretion is advised. This is one of the most terrifying haunted houses in the nation, after all.

For more information about this horrifying experience, visit the website here.

Forget the horror and the fear with a meal of endless fried catfish – that sounds a bit better to us!