22 Words And Phrases Only A South Carolinian Would Understand

Words are powerful beings. They have been known to build a city and demolish a country. They are also what separates one region of a country from another as well as one state from another. In some places they have also been known to separate one city from another in the same state. South Carolina definitely has its own brand of vocabulary. Many have said they need a translation book to determine what we are saying at times. Well, let’s just say this is a small start to that book!

Okay, so now that you have had a crash course in the most popular words and phrases you will hear in South Carolina, it is time to have a little fun and use them yourself. Can you imagine the look on the person’s face as you throw in one of these? But, if you are in South Carolina, it is nice to know how to relate to the natives! So, until next time ya’ll!