9 Enchanting Urban Waterfalls That Everyone In Pennsylvania Should Visit

We would all love to get away from it all for a spectacular Pennsylvania waterfall weekend, but sometimes that’s just not possible…which is why we went search for some of the best urban waterfalls in the state.

These man-made falls can be found in the midst of the city, and offer sweet little tranquil escapes without the trek out to the state’s beautiful natural areas. Here are 9 urban waterfalls that provide a cool mini “getaway” from your busy day.

If you haven’t seen the Tenth Street Water Feature, you need to shut down your computer, hop in your car, and go see this place. We can’t stop watching the pretty colors!

Check out this video, taken by Bill Kane:

For the best light show, head to the falls after dark!

Do you know of any spectacular urban waterfalls that we may have missed (they can be tricky to find!)? Where do you head for an urban escape when you need to get away from it all? Tell us about it in the comments below!