The Hike In Oregon That Takes You To Not One, But TEN Insanely Beautiful Waterfalls

With more than 230 waterfalls in Oregon, you could spend years exploring all of them (and if that’s not a worthy bucket list, we don’t know what is!). But located in Silver Falls State Park, there’s a waterfall trail that takes things to a whole other level entirely. Take this gorgeous trail to see not one, but 10 waterfalls, all within a seven-mile-long loop! Are you ready to go on an adventure?

This picturesque place should definitely be on your bucket list! Have you visited Silver Falls State Park before? Did you go on the Trail of Ten Falls Loop hike? If so, share your photos in the comments below or on our Oregon Nature Lovers Facebook group for a chance to see your photos featured!

If you love waterfalls, you probably really love waterfalls with swimming holes! You’ll want to spend all day at this waterfall-fed swimming hole in Oregon¬†— and you’ll also want to check out this waterfall beach in Oregon that’s positively perfect.

Address: Silver Falls State Park, 20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385, USA
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Waterfalls Near Me In Oregon

June 28, 2021

What are some of the best waterfalls in Oregon?

Oregon’s waterfalls will knock you off your feet and leave you completely spellbound. Of course, the mighty Multnomah Falls is the Beaver State’s superlative superstar.¬†Multnomah Falls is a vision; a sublime sensory experience. This 611-foot-tall, roaring waterfall is a true testament to the power of Mother¬†Nature, and absolutely must be experienced in person. But it’s not the only incredible cascade in Oregon, or even in Columbia River Gorge! Oregon has numerous other standout falls worth checking out, and you can visit many of them on this scenic road trip.

What other things are there to do in Silver Falls State Park?

Known as the “Crown Jewel of Oregon State Parks,” Silver Falls has our vote as the best state park in Oregon! In addition to the spectacular Trail of Ten Falls Loop, Silver Falls State Park boasts some amazing camping, with beautiful campgrounds and 14 cozy little cabins that are available to rent. In the fall, the foliage is sublime, and you’ll see a variety of winsome wildlife along the trails. Of course, this state park is also a naturalist’s dream, and features its very own temperate rainforest, complete with Douglas-fir, western hemlock, Oregon grape, and other native trees and plants.

What are some other scenic hikes in Oregon?

For outdoor enthusiasts, Oregon is one big natural playground! There are countless scenic hikes in the Beaver State that will take you to some truly wondrous places. The White River Falls Trail is an easy hike to a beautiful waterfall *and* great swimming hole that makes for an amazing Oregon adventure. Another of our favorites is the aptly-named Hobbit Trail. This easy trek in Florence, Oregon, features old-growth forests, winsome woodland scenery, and a completely magical experience that really captures the magic of the Beaver State.

Address: Silver Falls State Park, 20024 Silver Falls Hwy SE, Sublimity, OR 97385, USA