Located in Oregon’s spectacular Columbia River Gorge, Tunnel Falls is a stunning waterfall that plunges 130 feet down a sheer, moss-covered rock wall into a beautiful clear basin. The waterfall originally earned its name from the tunnel that was blasted through the rock behind it, allowing hikers to pass behind the roaring cascade. For anyone searching waterfalls near me in Oregon, this one might be the most magical you’ll find.

Tunnel Falls is located on the amazing 12-mile hike starting at the Eagle Creek Trailhead. The Eagle Creek Trail will take you through the magnificent landscape, past numerous stunning waterfalls, dramatic cliffs, and emerald green forests. Visiting this waterfall tunnel is almost like stepping into another world entirely, one that is straight out of a fairytale.

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Outside of searching the “best waterfalls near me in Oregon” there are many other amazing, unique trails leading through Oregon’s gorgeous landscape. Check out this epic one-mile hike leading through the stunning Oneonta Gorge.

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Waterfalls near me in Oregon

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