Sip Wine And Mingle With Ghosts In One Of Oregon’s Oldest, Most Haunted Bars

The thing about ghost stories is that they always seem to get more interesting over time. That might be because the folks who tell them like to add another spine-tingling detail every so often, or it could be that the people who claim to see the spirits have new horrors to tell. No matter what your take on ghosts and the supernatural, one thing’s for sure: ghost stories are fascinating bits of lore.

There’s one bar in Oregon that has a long history, and its ghost stories are almost as old as the property. Keep scrolling for all the creepy details, then visit to sip wine and mingle with the ghosts there.

Learn more about McMenamins White Eagle Saloon and Hotel on its website, where you can see its full menu and history. Follow its Facebook page to see what’s new there. Have you ever seen or felt anything weird at this saloon? Tell us your creepy ghost stories in the comments!

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