The Biggest Dungeness Crab In The Pacific Northwest Can Be Found At This Unassuming Seafood Market In Oregon

Sometimes, you have to venture a little off the beaten path in order to discover the best a state has to offer. This is certainly true with so many of the best restaurants, as well as natural wonders like secret beaches and hidden waterfalls. In Portland, there’s an unassuming little seafood market that’s a diamond in the rough. From the outside, ABC Seafood Company doesn’t look like much; it’s a humble corner building that’s not exactly Insta-worthy. But just like one of the clams you’d find along the Oregon Coast, the fresh catches *inside* this humble little spot are total pearls; in fact, the best and biggest Dungeness crab in the entire Pacific Northwest can be found at this Oregon market!

Have you ever visited ABC Seafood Company? If you’re into Dungeness crab, this place truly has the biggest and best in all of Oregon!

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Address: ABC Seafood Company, 6509 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97206, USA