12 Reasons Why Cleveland Is The Most Unique City In America

As an eclectic city with a long history, Cleveland is bound to be home to some unique attractions and people in the world. We’ve been hiding our splendor from the world under the sarcastic guise of “The Mistake On The Lake,” but it’s common knowledge to us Clevelanders that our city is something truly special. In fact, locals could even argue that Cleveland is the most unique city in the country… and they’d be right. There are many things that make us a unique city, but these 12 items are perhaps the most noteworthy:

There is no place in the world like Cleveland, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We love our zany city and everything that it entails, and locals adore that our city has a tendency to lean toward the unusual and bizarre. Life in The Land is fun, and our unique cityscape ensures that we are never ever bored.

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