Cleveland Was Just Named One Of The Best Destinations In The World And We Couldn’t Agree More

We Clevelanders have long enjoyed harboring a secret. That secret, we know, is that “The Mistake on The Lake” is far from a mistake. In fact, Cleveland is one of the loveliest cities in the nation, and its culture has made it into one of the most unique places in the world. Now, it has been listed as a must-see destination, reinforcing what we Clevelanders have been saying all along.

In Cleveland, we have long endured jokes about the city being “The Mistake on The Lake” and locals being “stuck in Ohio,” but residents know the city’s cultural scene has long set it apart from other metropolitan areas. Thanks to recent expansions and a growing artistic energy, Cleveland has become a must-see destination. We’re lucky, though, that we get to experience its majesty each and every day.

We’ve always said that Cleveland is the most underrated city in the nation! What do you think?