You’ll Have Super Sweet Dreams When You Camp Overnight At This Castle Near Cleveland

There are many cities in the United States with a far-reaching history. Cleveland, however, was first established in 1796, making our community significantly younger than our neighboring states to the east. Despite its fairly short existence, the city and its surrounding suburbs have collected a fairly interesting collection of historic buildings and structures. One of the most fascinating structures in Greater Cleveland is actually hidden in the Cleveland Metroparks, and its hollowed interior has intrigued adventurers since it was abandoned long ago. Now, you can actually camp at this castle near Cleveland. This is one overnight adventure you won’t soon forget. Who’s ready to go camping at the Cleveland Metroparks castle?

Cleveland is an incredible place to call home, but its park district provides the best destinations for magical evenings reconvening with nature. Will you be camping at Squire’s Castle this summer? We can’t wait!

Are you fascinated by castles? You’re not alone, and there are actually many throughout Northeast Ohio! Take this road trip to see Cleveland’s best castles.