Here’s The Perfect Place To Pitch Your Tent Along Lake Erie’s Shore

Lake Erie’s shore hosts a great diversity of wildlife, especially after the sun descends below the horizon. Imagine curling up beside the fire in a lakefront campsite that’s bathed in moonlight, your soundtrack the sound of owls softly cooing somewhere in the distance. Fireflies cast short shadows as they shed illumination over the campsite, and nearby the shores of Lake Erie crackle as waves gently lap the shore. While it sounds like a dream, this experience has become a reality for a multitude of adventurous locals.

Lake Erie makes the urban parts of Cleveland feel earthy and natural, but its bluffs, wetlands, and meadows will leave you in a state of awe. Though the lake has earned a rough reputation over the years, its wildlife can attest to the quality of the natural habitats it creates. Are you ready for a stay in the wildest part of Lake Erie’s coast?

For more information, check out the Lake Metroparks website and follow along on the Lake Erie Bluffs Facebook page.

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