8 Secluded Campgrounds Around Greater Cleveland You’ve Never Heard Of

Greater Cleveland and the surrounding communities abound with natural splendor. Gorgeous waterfalls, incredible sandstone walls, and open, grassy meadows delight the eye and beckon to adventure seekers. What’s more challenging to find, however, are lovely places like these that provide overnight accommodations. When a Clevelander is dreaming of camping… where can we go? You’ll be delighted to learn that there are several campsites close to home, and some are hidden in your favorite parks.

Nature is truly a treat here in Northeast Ohio, but it’s hard to feel connected to it when you aren’t totally immersed in its loveliness. At these incredible campsites, you’ll feel one with the earth. Where is your favorite local campsite?

Are you a fan of outdoor adventure? You simply must visit these serene places in nature in and around Cleveland.

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