Camp Right On The Water With This Unique Floating Campsite In Ohio

Did you know the world’s only floating tents are available for camping right here in the Buckeye State? Most people don’t. Tucked away in the small city of Troy, Ohio, there are one-of-a-kind floating tents you can camp in at Treasure Island Park – right on the Great Miami River! It’s a brand new attraction that opened to the public just a couple of summers ago. (Note: Reservations are limited. For more information, visit the Miami County Visitors and Convention Bureau’s website here.) This floating campsite in Ohio is truly unique, and you simply can’t find things like this anywhere else.

What do you think? Would you camp in a floating tent? Where do you think is the best camping in Ohio?

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Address: 409 N Elm St, Troy, OH 45373, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Floating Campsite in Ohio

July 09, 2021

Does anyone offer camping in floating tents in Ohio?  

You sure can! There’s a company called Floating Troy that currently exists as the only floating campsites in the state. Talk about a unique experience! For just $85 per night, you can embark on an epic floating adventure in which you spend the night on the river. Dates are varied year by year, so you’ll want to check out their website (or call 937-703-5397) for the most up-to-date dates and times. The article you’ve just read gives you all the details, so start planning and get out on that river.  

What are some options for unique campgrounds in Ohio? 

Well, other than the floating camping tents, of course, there are plenty of interesting and unique places you can find to go camping in Ohio. If you’ve never gone glamping, you’re missing out. Glamping is like camping but with a lot more creature comforts and small luxuries. The website Glamping Hub can help you find the best glampgrounds in Ohio. Spend a night in a revamped shipping container, or maybe in a grain silo. Maybe you could try your luck in a yurt, which is always a fun time. For some more specific spots and ideas, check out this article about ten perfect camping spots in this beautiful state.  

Where is the best camping in Ohio? 

In a word? Everywhere! Ohio is a state perfect for those who enjoy camping (and glamping) galore. It’s scenic no matter where you go, and you can camp anywhere from private spots you find on Glamping Hub to our breathtaking state and national parks. Some of our picks for the best campsites include Hocking Hills State Park and Alum Creek State Park has views that are unlike any others in Ohio. Mohican State Park offers up a lodge for those who are less interested in camping than they are in the scenery, and any camping along beautiful Lake Erie is sure to be an amazing time.  

Address: 409 N Elm St, Troy, OH 45373, USA