These Photos Show How Ohio’s Oldest Park System Changed Greater Cleveland For The Better

Camaraderie is the lifeblood of small communities. While Cleveland is a large city, it maintains a small-town feel. This is, in part, thanks to aspects of the city’s identity that keep us closely connected. The Cleveland Metroparks is a particular source of pride for the Northeast Ohio community, as this park system is one of the most unique (and the oldest) in the state. With more than 23,000 acres, hundreds of miles of trails, and over a hundred years of history, our Emerald Necklace has transformed our community in a remarkable way. These retro photos demonstrate just how the parks have evolved to become the glue that connects the community:

The Cleveland Metroparks have a rich history that spans more than a century. Did any of these photos take you back to your childhood? Share your favorite childhood memories of the Metroparks in the comments!

If these photos brought back memories, you’ll adore this collection of then and now photos of Cleveland.