Balto, One Of The Most Famous Dogs In American History, Has An Unusual Connection To Cleveland

In 1925, a diphtheria antitoxin was delivered to Nome, Alaska by a team of sled dogs. The team was purportedly led by Balto, a Siberian Husky and underdog, who ushered his team, the Iditarod Trail, and a tiny town in Alaska to fame. So, what does this century-old American hero have to do with Cleveland? Believe it or not, you can visit Balto in Cleveland today. Prepare to experience a dose of history, because it’s awaiting discovery in University Circle at this very moment.

So there you have it! While this famous tale has been immortalized in movies and novels, it is often forgotten that Balto lived out his final days here in The Land. Have you ever visited Balto in Cleveland? If not, a trip to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History just might belong on your to-do list.

While you’re at the museum, be sure to check out their fossil fish exhibit. This area is known for producing the finest fossilized sea life in the nation, and you can see many Cleveland-area discoveries in person.

Address: Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 1 Wade Oval Dr, Cleveland, OH 44106, USA