Most People Don’t Know The Story Behind Cleveland’s Abandoned Bridge To Nowhere

Like much of the nation, the local economy in Greater Cleveland felt the strain of the Great Depression. During that era, businesses closed, buildings fell into disrepair, and uncompleted construction projects became ruins. Some of those struggles can still be spotted in our landscape, like the ruins of this unfinished bridge. You won’t believe how nature is reclaiming this site.

Enjoy the splendor from the comfort (and warmth) of your own home via this incredible drone footage captured by Dronezke (via YouTube). Just be warned, some of the graffiti is rather tasteless.

There is much to love in Greater Cleveland, both in terms of adventure and beauty. The ruins of this bridge provide both, and it is a mesmerizing combination of the power of nature and man-made splendor.

Have you visited this abandoned Hillandale Park Bridge? Do you know of any other interesting spots that are being reclaimed by nature in the Cleveland area? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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