There are many destinations around Cincinnati that several people believe to be haunted. Most of these places have horrible stories involving murder and tragedy, and some even open their doors for you to check out for yourself. Just outside of Cincinnati in Middletown, there’s an elementary school that closed its doors for learning in 2000; however, when the new owners moved in with the hopes of maintaining this historic building, they soon found that many of the former students – at least ghosts of former students – still go to class at Poasttown Elementary School.

Poasttown Elementary School has become a paranormal destination near Cincinnati. Even if you don’t believe in such a thing, you have to admit it’s pretty creepy. Have you heard of this haunted elementary school? Would you investigate here? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on Poasttown Elementary School and its investigations and events, visit their website here and follow along with them on Facebook here. Be sure to check out the video on their website to see some of the amazing paranormal evidence captured in the school!

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