The Haunted Ghost Tour That Will Take You To One Of The Most Frightening Buildings In Cincinnati

Cincinnati has an intriguing history and many claim that spirits from our past continue to call our city home, long after they’ve left this world. Ghost stories are as common around the Queen City has arguments about who has the best chili, and many of them are tied to our historic buildings. One of the most iconic and recognizable — Music Hall — is arguably the most beautiful building in Cincinnati, and possibly the most haunted. If you’ve ever been curious about this fascinating structure and the stories behind it, there’s a haunted ghost tour coming up that may be a bit frightening, but also may answer a few lingering questions.

A ghost tour of Music Hall may just be one of the creepiest, yet most fascinating excursions you can do in Cincinnati. Would you go on this tour? Or maybe you’ve already been? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

For more information and to purchase tickets for this specific tour, visit its website here. And for more haunted places around Cincinnati, check out our previous article here.

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