The Story Behind Cincinnati’s Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

Beautifully located on the banks of the Ohio River, Sedamsville is one of the smallest neighborhoods in Cincinnati, made up of just a few streets. Once a bustling spot along the river, it’s now in the process of revitalization and a big part of that is its crowning jewel, the former Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church and the adjacent Rectory. But, as with most historic buildings, the Sedamsville Rectory is the source of quite a few ghost stories that may just give you nightmares.

Sedamsville is a historic neighborhood known for two things: being the birthplace of Pete Rose and the haunted Sedamsville Rectory. Only time will tell if this area will come back to life… or maybe it already has. Have you heard the ghost stories that surround this infamous building? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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