Two Of The World’s Most Toxic Mushrooms Can Be Found In Northern California Each Year

It’s officially the wet season here in Northern California and along with it comes something you’ll definitely want to look out for—toxic mushrooms. Mushrooms start sprouting up all over our region of the state as soon as the season’s first rain arrives. Most of them are completely harmless but some of them are downright deadly and everybody should be familiar with them. In fact, there are two species of toxic mushrooms in NorCal that you’ll want to especially keep an eye out for if you plan on exploring the outdoors this winter. Read on to learn how to spot these deadly mushrooms as they appear in the wild.

Have you spotted any toxic mushrooms in the wild before? It’s definitely something to be aware of during NorCal’s wet season. Still, you shouldn’t let their appearance dissuade you from adventure this winter. Check out this list of 10 Trails In Northern California That Are Perfect For Winter Hiking for some inspiration.

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