The Creepy Abandoned Theme Park In Northern California You Have To See With Your Own Eyes

Theme parks are supposed to be full of fun, laughter, and thrills. After all, that’s why they were constructed in the first place. However, plenty of theme parks have perished over the years for some reason or another. In fact, there’s a creepy abandoned theme park in Northern California that not many people are aware of anymore. This place definitely has some spooky vibes. It’s considered to be private property, but it doesn’t take much for people to keep their distance from this place. The gates aren’t really necessary; it’s creepy enough to keep most away.

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The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Theme Park in Northern California

October 08, 2021

What are some interesting, abandoned places in Northern California? 

Northern California is a haven for nature lovers, hikers, and folks who have a penchant for photographing nature at its best. It’s also, however, a haven for those who see beauty and intrigue in urban decay. Urban explorers have several Northern California locales they tend to find interesting; some of our favorite abandoned places in Northern California include the old ghost town of Bodie, which still has numerous standing buildings (though recently the entire town was sold and its future remains uncertain). In Point Reyes, you can find the remains of an old boat washed up on a wetlands area preservation camp. Bodega Bay is home to some old, decaying buildings, and each of them is photogenic in its own spooky ways. For more of our favorite abandoned places and things in Northern California, take a look at this article 

What are the best creepy places in Northern California? 

Believe it or not, Northern California is as creepy in some places as it is downright beautiful in others. Some of the more notoriously spooky creepy places in Northern California include the USS Hornet, an old, decrepit battleship who saw more than 300 crewmen die during her 27-year career as an active service vessel that is now known as “America’s Most Haunted” ship. Groveland Hotel is a notoriously haunted old inn where the spirit of a former guest named Lyle is said to wander the halls. He turns water faucets on and off, messes with lights, opens and closes doors, and more. Ask to stay in his room – if you dare! Another famous creepy spot in NorCal is Battery Point Lighthouse, which was built in 1856 and is said to be host to an unknown number of ghosts. Visit if you dare – we’ll be waiting!