This Entire Neighborhood Near Northern California Was Mysteriously Abandoned And Nobody Knows Why

There are a lot of bizarre mysteries and eerie ghost towns in Northern California, but no one really knows the reasons why half of Chinese Camp in Tuolomne County was abandoned. Draw your own conclusions, but here’s a few unsettling photos of this abandoned place where men, women, and children once lived and thrived.

Have you ever visited Chinese Camp? It’s a ghostly place, and if you are into that kind of thing, you might like reading about Northern California’s Most Haunted Street.

Address: Chinese Camp, CA 95327, USA
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Abandoned Neighborhood in Northern California

October 25, 2021

Are there any ghost towns in Northern California?  

Absolutely! There are plenty, actually. There are more than 300 known ghost towns in California total – many of which are in the northern segment of the state. Some of our favorite ghost towns in Northern California include intriguing places like Bodie, the remains of an old mining camp named after a prospector. Then, there’s Auburn, which was established in roughly 1848. That one was a gold-rush town like many were, that rose and fell all within a few years as mining surged – and waned – back in the day. French Gulch is another 1800s-era ghost town that was once a top gold producer, and Angels Camp is similar, having produced more than 20 million dollars worth of gold during its life. We also like Old Shasta! There are folks still living in many of these towns – but recently, Bodie was sold, and its future remains uncertain. For more information about these towns and some others, take a look at this article.  

Where are some interesting abandoned places in Northern California? 

California is a state filled with history and stories. As a result, there are places still standing that have been long lost to time and memories. Some of our favorite abandoned places in Northern California include Hobbiton, the overgrown remains of a JRR Tolkien-themed hideaway tucked within the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. There’s an abandoned cement ship just offshore in Aptos; it was once called the SS Palo Alto and it launched in 1919. It also served as a party central for a little while before falling into disrepair. A powerful storm cracked her hull, and that was the end of that. She still sits, decaying, in the sea – and makes for some incredibly intriguing photos. The whole town of Bodie is abandoned, though recently it was purchased by a buyer and, as we mentioned, its future is not known.  

Address: Chinese Camp, CA 95327, USA