The Abandoned Town In Northern California That Most People Stay Far, Far Away From

During the Gold Rush, hundreds of rough and rowdy men flocked to Northern California’s most remote and rugged edges to strike it rich. They made their homes in places like Bodie, one of the most infamous but also eerie ghost towns throughout the Wild West.

Bodie was originally what was know as a boom town, a place that seemingly sprang up overnight in the late 1800s. Along with the gold miners came prostitutes, gamblers, and saloons. It was an uncouth and uncivilized place, and its ghosts do not rest easy.

There are several allegedly haunting souls that still remain in this empty town. You’ll have to visit it for yourself to see why anyone with a lick of sense stays far, far away from its creepy structures that are almost preserved in time.

Bodie may be abandoned, but it is not forgotten. Now a state park, it will continue to be preserved with or without the presence of territorial ghosts. Any travelers to this part of Northern California can go see it for themselves… if they dare.