You’d be surprised what sorts of things are hiding right here in North Carolina. Take the massive underground bunker just 11 miles to the south of Chapel Hill, for instance. Most people in the Tar Heel State don’t even know it’s there. Big Hole in North Carolina may not have been a place you have heard of before but it is a name that is familiar to the locals. This strange and mysterious bunker may only have a few clues as to what or why this underground facility is here. Let us take a peek at what little bit of information is known about this secret government installation:

The real questions now surround the events at Big Hole in North Carolina and they still are not answered. Conspiracy theories and clues may give us a glimpse into the real story but until we see facts we may never know. This secret underground bunker holds within its walls the mystery we are dying to see. Did you know this major government underground bunker was located nearby to Jordan Lake? What do you think? It is still a covert government bunker and still in use? We’d love to know!

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